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Our Farm's Story

16 years ago we converted our 5th generation farm to raising 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef and lamb. John's family had been raising sheep and cattle, along with small grains and hay, on the same land since the 1870's. We were the first generation facing not being able to make a living from just farming if we stayed with conventional methods and conventional marketing. We decided to concentrate our efforts on producing completely forage fed animals that we would sell directly to customers in our region. We hoped these direct sales of a specialty product would allow our relatively small herd of cattle and small flock of sheep to support our little family. And it did! For 16 years we have focused on creating the best beef and lamb we know how to make and on providing it to our family of customers. We look forward to continuing our relationships with our customers and to learning more so we can improve our farming practices for many years to come.

We are committed to being faithful stewards of our land and our animals. We believe that our high elevation land is best suited to the growing of pasture and hay. The solar energy captured by those plants, then becomes tasty and nutritious meat for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you for supporting our family farm!