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Haying nearly wrapped up despite frost and rains

Our haying has been a bit drawn out due to a couple of small breakdowns that caused a day or two delay each.  And then it started raining/hailing most nights.  A good percentage of our best hay got rained on several times before John was able to finally get it baled.  We are in the home stretch with only the last 30 ish acres to bale but we need a bit of good weather.  We've been nervous about the quantity of hay we'd have since the fields were impacted by drought and frost.  Now we have issues with quality due to leaves being lost and nutrients being washed out by the rain.  I haven't heard the running total of the supply in a few days but I am certain we won't be selling hay this year and suspect we'll be buying some. One bright side of the wetter weather is that it just what the pastures needed.  It will also help make a second crop of hay possible.  So here's to hoping we get good regrowth and some 2nd crop bales.   We took advantage of the haying delays and got the ewes and lambs moved from town to the Meadow since we were nearly out of pasture in town.  The lambs seem to be growing well! We are hoping we can get away for a little family time before Becca moves into her dorm in 3 weeks.  John thinks he can swing two nights away if the stars align just right so we might go up to Yellowstone to see the sights. We hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.  Staying sane in these difficult times seems to be the biggest challenge of all. Thank you for supporting our family farm! John, Lori Anne, Tom & Becca Lau Family Farm, LLC