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Half Beef Deposit - Vac Sealed

Half Beef Deposit - Vac Sealed

First step in purchasing a half beef

Step 1:        Make a $300 deposit for a Half Beef Order ($312 if you pay for the deposit with a credit card, including the card processing fee)
Step 2:        We'll contact you to get your cutting instructions and delivery time frame preferences.  Delivery would be available in approximately July - August 2024
Step 3:         After having our butcher cut and wrap the meat to your specifications we'll make your freezer ready meat available at one of our regular pick-up sites, or we  can arrange home delivery for a small fee.  Payment will be due at the time of delivery, including sales tax for your location. Your deposit will be deducted from  the price of the beef to create the balance due.

Half Beef Purchasing Information

Half of a Grass-Fed Beef                    $5.25 per hanging lb (Paper Wrapped)

We would expect your half beef to come from an animal that weighs in the neighborhood of 700-825 lbs. So your price would be the actual weight divided by 2, multiplied by $5.25 per lb (for standard plastic wrap and paper packaging). If your animal was 700 lbs even, your price would be $ 1,837.50 plus tax.  A half from a 800 lb animal the total would be $2100. This size animal should yield you roughly 200 lbs of cuts of meat. Our animals typically yield (cuts you take home vs. hanging weight) between 55% to 60% of their carcass wt, with an average of 57%. The amount of meat you receive will depend upon how you have your meat cut.

Based upon the cutting instructions we use, you can expect to get roughly 20% of your meat as steaks (tenderloin, rib eyes, NY, top sirloin, petite sirloin, flank, skirt and ranch steaks). Another 20 ish percent will be roasts (sirloin tip, eye of round, chuck, brisket, London broil and tri-tip). Ground beef will make up around 50% of the meat you get, with the remainder being short ribs, meaty soup bones, steaks strips, stew and kabob cubes. If you use dramatically different cutting instructions your total yield, and proportions of each type of cut will be different.

Half beef customers can choose to customize how their beef is cut. Choices to be made include: thickness of and number of steaks per package, size of roasts, which steaks to save, which roasts you want, which miscellaneous items you want, and leanness of the ground beef.  Our butcher vacuum seals each roast, group of steaks, or pound of ground beef.

We ask for a $200 deposit for a half beef, with the remainder due at the time of delivery.