Quarter Beef - cut and wrapped

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Quarter Beef Purchasing InformationQuarter of a Grass-Fed Beef   

$4.75 per hanging lb

We would expect your quarter to come from an animal that weighs in the neighborhood of 650-725 lbs. So your price would be the actual hanging carcass weight divided by 4 multiplied by $4.75 per lb. If your animal was 700 lbs even your price would be $831.25 plus tax. This size animal should yield you roughly 100 lbs of cuts of meat. Our animals typically yield (cuts you take home vs. hanging weight) between 55% to 60% of their carcass wt, with an average of 58%. Nearly all of the bone is removed from our beef-short ribs and soup bones are the only bone-in cuts you will receive.Your quarter will be roughly half the meat that comes from an entire side of beef. All of the meat is divided into two piles that are as even as we can get them. You should expect to get roughly 20% of your meat as steaks (tenderloin, rib eyes, New York's, top sirloin, petite sirloin, flank, skirt, ranch and cube steaks). Another 20 ish percent will be roasts (sirloin tip, eye of round, chuck, brisket, London broil and tri-tip). Ground beef will make up around 50% of the meat you get, with the remainder being short ribs, meaty soup bones, steaks strips, stew and kabob cubes.Our standard cutting instructions call for 1 inch thick steaks, packaged two per package. We ask for the roasts to be about 2 lbs each. The stew, steak strips, and kabob are in 1 lb packages. Our butcher makes 1 lb blocks of our 90% lean ground beef.  The ground beef will be vacuum sealed while the steaks and roasts will be wrapped in heavy plastic and butcher paper.