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Beef Tenderloin Steak

Beef Tenderloin Steak

2 cuts - cut 1.5" thick - .6 to 1 lbs Avg/pkg
$26.00 /lb.
Avg. 12.8 oz.

Our most tender steak, lean but flavorful, with a buttery texture.  Best served medium-rare to medium for maximum flavor.

Tenderloin steaks, also known as filet mignon, come two steaks to a package making them a great meal for two.  These delicious steaks can be cooked any way you like: season and grill, pan sear in a skillet, broil or cube it them up for the best kebabs ever.

We strive to provide the very best of grass-fed meat with wonderful flavor and texture.  All of our beef are 100% grass-fed their whole lives.  They are ethically raised and able to enjoy roaming our pastures.  Our animals are not given any hormone implants nor any antibiotics.  All of our is meat is frozen and  ready for delivery to your community.