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Beef Thick Cut New York Steak

Beef Thick Cut New York Steak

single steak - cut 1.5" thick - .75 to 1.2 lbs Avg/pkg
$21.00 /lb.
Avg. 1.1 lb.

The New York Steak is one of our favorite steaks because it is full of flavor, juicy and nicely tender while still being lean.  A highly versatile cut you can grill it, pan sear it, or broil it.

This is our extra thick, boneless version of this classic steak.  It is perfect for those who enjoy a thicker cut of beef. 

Our beef is grass-fed, pastured and ethically raised.  Our cattle are never given hormone implants nor antibiotics.  All of our products are available for our various deliveries within South-east Idaho and Northern Utah.