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5 Pack Broken Seal Ground Beef Bundle

5 Pack Broken Seal Ground Beef Bundle

Five 1 lb packages

Price Freeze

Save $5.00

Looking for truly grass-fed & grass-finished beef or lamb? Looking for a farm you can trust to raise their animals ethically? We have proudly been producing grass-fed meats for over 15 years. These Broken sealed meats are still the same great tasting Lau ground beef you love, with a slightly less storage life.

Random mix of ground beef, ground round, ground sirloin, 1/4 lb patties and 1/3 lb patties.  Vacuum seal on package damaged, which reduces ideal storage life in the freezer to a few months.  A great price for those who do not mind a less than perfect looking package. Meat is still delicious!!!

Packaged in approx 1 pound packages.


100% Lau Family Farm grass -fed , free range beef.