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Beef Bone-in Chuck Roast

Beef Bone-in Chuck Roast

one roast - cut 7 bone style
$9.00 /lb.
Avg. 3.5 lb.

Cut in the 7-bone style meaning the shoulder bone is shaped like a numeral 7.  These large, well marbled roasts would be far more familiar to our grandmothers than today's boneless chuck roasts.  

Chuck roasts are often called "pot roast", and this is really is a cut that is best when braised or cooked in a pot with added liquids.  This low and slow cooking method helps to tenderize this more exercised muscle and make it one of the most tender cuts of beef.  Properly prepared. chuck is juicy, moist and tender.

The only negative to the butcher leaving the bone in these roasts is it makes them larger than most crock pots and electric pressure cookers (instant pots).  These roasts are typically 3 to 4 lbs each.

We work hard to be the best possible stewards of our land and our animals.  All of our beef are completely grass-fed and grass-fed.  They are never given hormone implants or antibiotics.