Bone-in New York

single steak - cut 1" thick - .9 to 1.2 lbs Avg/pkg
$18.00/lb. Avg. 12.8 oz.
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Cut from the front of the loin so it has less tenderloin than our classic T-Bone steaks.  A T-Bone steak has a "T-shaped" bone with the NY strip on one side and the tenderloin on the other.  These bone-in steaks are full of flavor and nicely tender meat.

We recommend cooking these steaks to medium rare or medium.  This allows the steak to retain all of its natural juices and flavor.  

All of our beef is completely grass-fed and grass-finished.  That means our animals are never fed grains.  We never give our animals antibiotics or hormone implants.  We've been producing grass-fed meats for over 15 years and you can buy from our farm with confidence knowing that our animals are ethically raised.