Half Lamb Deposit - delivered approx Feb 2023

Half Lamb Deposit - delivered approx Feb 2023

First step in purchasing a half lamb
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  1. Step 1:             Place an order and make a $25 deposit for a half lamb
  2. Step 2:             We'll contact you to get your cutting instructions and delivery time frame preferences.
  3. Step 3:             After having our butcher cut and wrap the meat to your specifications we'll make your freezer ready meat available at one of our regular pick-up sites, or we  can arrange home delivery for a small fee.  Payment will be due at the time of delivery, including sales tax for your location. Your deposit will be deducted from  the price of the lamb to create the balance due.

Half Lamb Purchasing Information                  $6 per hanging lb (paper wrapped)

You can expect your meat to come from an animal with a 60 to 70 lb hanging weight (the weight of the carcass just after harvest).  A half lamb order typically has nearly 20 lbs of mixed cuts, with the weight being higher if bones are left in the roasts.  

A half lamb order with a 65 lb hanging weight will be $195 plus sales tax.  (Calculated as 65 lbs divided by 2 multiplied by $6 a lb).

Our cutting instruction form will show you several options for each portion of the animal and you can select which cut, what size (thickness or weight) and the packaging for each portion.

Whole and Half Lambs are available from January thru approx May/June of each year.  We can put together a bundle of cuts equal to a half lamb during the rest of the year.