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Beef New York (Strip Loin) Steak

Beef New York (Strip Loin) Steak

single steak - cut 1" thick - .5 to .75 lbs Avg/pkg
$21.00 /lb.
Avg. 12.8 oz.

The New York Steak is one of our favorite steaks because it is full of flavor, juicy and nicely tender while still being lean.  A highly versatile cut you can grill it, pan sear it, or broil it.

Each boneless steak can be cut in half to serve two or sliced thinly to top a salad or fill a sandwich.

Our beef is grass-fed, pastured and ethically raised.  Our cattle are never given hormone implants nor antibiotics.  All of our products are available for our various deliveries within South-east Idaho and Northern Utah.