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Meadow Made Fibers: felt

Our grassfed Targhee & Columbia sheep have beautiful wool which we have processed into yarn and other wool products

Wool Dryer Ball

one 2 oz ball

Felt Shoe Insert

1 sheet - cut to fit

Our flock is a mixture of Targhee and Columbia breeds. Our ladies are dual purpose meaning they produce a crop of beautiful lambs and a crop of fabulous wool every year. These are both fairly new breeds that were created by crossing Rambouille and Lincoln breeds. The resulting wool is fine to mid-grade depending on the individual ewe's heritage. The majority of our ewes are the standard white (cream) but we have 10 or so naturally colored brown or grey ewes. Our highly skilled shearers carefully shear the flock each year and upto 20 fleeces are stored to be processed into yarn, felt or other woolen products. Our wool is processed by a family in Salt Lake City UT, which is only 130 ish miles away.